Sunday school Options

Every Sunday morning we have many age appropriate options for every member of your family.  Here you will find a brief description of their class and study material.  If you are unsure which class to try, you can ask a greeter for a suggestion or try them all.  Each class has so much to offer and is a great way of expanding your knowledge of God and His Word.

  • j.o.y.

    The J.O.Y. Sunday School Class at Trinity United Methodist Church sends its warmest welcome to all who might be interested in studying the International Sunday School lesson each Sunday morning beginning at 9:15 a.m. The class is currently using Union Gospel Press literature for our study lessons. We are a class of older, singles and couples, age 55 and older who enjoy open discussion of God’s Holy Word.

    We would like to extend our welcome by inviting you to attend our Sunday School Class. Our attendance usually runs between 20 to 30 participants each Sunday. The mission is to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and to be obedient to His Holy Word. Please feel welcome to join in this weekly bible study and discussion of Holy Scripture.

    The J.O.Y. Sunday School Class meets on the second floor of the Church at the West End of the Fellowship Hall. Please consider becoming a regular attendee on Sunday mornings.

  • Sojourners

    The Sojourners class has been on our journey together for about 40+ years. The trip has been eventful, with many ups and downs, but through it all we have been solidly together - sharing each others joys and sorrows and studying the Word of God.  Our ages range from 60 to 76 - some married and some single.  Our opinions are diverse, we hold no grudges, and we have cookies once per month.  Our studies range from books, to videos, to straight Bible study.  We are currently studying the book of Acts and discussing as we go.  Anyone, of any age is invited to attend.  Our members have many life experiences, and serve the church and community in many different ways.  We would love to have you join us and share in the journey.

  • Next Level

    Who we are; Next Level is Sunday morning study for adults at any age and every level of Christian Maturity. 

    What we do: We take each person at the level they are and strive to help each other move to the next level.

    What we study: currently we are studying "the Bible's answers to 100 of Life's biggest questions"

    When to start: each week is a new lesson so one can join in any Sunday. 

    Fellowship: we have regular planned group events and seasonal gatherings, chili supper, super bowl parties, card parties, but most of all we care for each other.

    Our class is known for its greeting card ministry

    Multiple teachers keep the class fresh and relevant. 

  • Youth

    Our youth Sunday school looks different all the time.  Sometimes it is informal with doughnuts and hot chocolate, sometimes we are preparing a skit for the next service, sometimes we have a rigid curriculum.  We are always looking to know more, love better, and serve faithfully.  We have different kinds of studies throughout the year.  We will have some video series, study a book of the Bible while learning Bible study methods, confirmation class, book studies, and more. One thing we like to do is have students write down any question they have about their faith on index cards.  We will spend the next several weeks researching and answering these questions.  Sunday school for the youth serves many different purposes, but it always goes to further our discipleship.

  • children

    Children who are in elementary school meet together to learn Bible stories using various types of learning activities.  The discussion in this class uses activity sheets, Bible story videos, maps and charts.  Children also enjoy crafts and special projects during the Sunday school hour.  For more information about children church, see here.

  • preschool

    In this class we use a curriculum that utilizes visuals, workbooks pages, and hands on activities to teach bible stories such as Moses, Noah's Ark, One Man Thanks Jesus, and Four Friends Help. The lessons are geared to your child's age and help children learn that God loves them, they can show love to others, be a helper, show kindness, and say "thank you." This age group of children are so much fun and are like sponges soaking up knowledge and love of Jesus at a young age. It is rewarding and exciting to watch them learn and grow to know Jesus. Teaching this age group is a wonderful way to be involved, serve God, and be blessed!  For more information on the Preschool ministry during the church hour, see here.

  • nursery

    We provide a nursery for the Sunday school hour and 10:15 worship service.  Just like our children's ministry, all of our volunteers are trained in our child protection policy every year.  This is a safe and fun space for our youngest children to play and be held.  This is a nurturing environment but also a great way for children to get some  interaction with other children.  Our friendly volunteers will want to know about your child's sleep schedule for the morning and any allergies.  These are terrific people who love children, and love to serve their church in this capacity.