Adults @ Trinity

Groups provide opportunities to connect, grow, and serve in a more intimate setting.  Group members do life together.  

They grow together, serve together, and have fun together!  If you are looking for a group, check out the list below.  

If you do not see a group that fits your needs or schedule, contact Nancy Eberle @  

She will help you find an existing group or help form a new group that meets your needs!  

  • Women's Bible study

    Our Women's Bible Study group meets Tuesday mornings at 9:00 AM at the home of Melissa Clay.  The group is led by Melissa Clay and Shirley Beard.  

  • Thursday Night Bible Study

    Our weekly bible study has moved to Thursday nights at 7:00 pm in the sanctuary.  But right now, we meet on Zoom.  Please contact Pastor David ( to sign up. 

     Together, we study and discuss a book or a book of the bible and how it applies to our daily lives.  We also spend time in prayer for each other, our community, and our world.  All our welcome!

    Our current series is "In the Dust of the Rabbi" by Ray Vander Laan.  It is video and discussion led.  

  • Married people

    Mission:  Connecting You With Your Spouse

    4 Core Habits:  

    1. Have Serious Fun

    2. Love God First

    3. Love and Respect

    4. Practice Your Promise

    Childcare Available!

    Questions?  Call Jane Schmid (419) 203-3079 or Kent Schmid (419) 203-9104