Children @ Trinity

Our children's ministry is a fun and dynamic environment that engages every one of your child's senses.  Every week we have an interactive worship experience that includes skits, songs, activities, and games.  Throughout the year we have many special events that are catered for you to share with your children.  You can find some more detail about special children's activities below.

Children's Church

Elementary aged students start in the sanctuary with their family every Sunday morning at 10:!5.  After sharing in the worship through song, the children are released with their leaders to go to Children's Church.  This time is started with prayer, praising, thanking and petitioning God together.  Then they engage in a monthly themed lesson centered around a virtue and supported by a Bible story.  These lessons involve skits, life-sized games, scripture reading, singing, and much, much more.  The lesson presentation varies from week to week to keep it exciting and fresh for the students.  they never know what surprise awaits them as they walk upstairs to the "Kid's Cove."

Preschool Worship

Preschool aged children should be dropped off prior to the 10:15 service.  A friendly volunteer will be there to check in your child.  As you participate in worship, your preschooler will have a class filled with activities geared toward their age.  They will often follow the same stories, themes, and verses as the bigger kids upstairs.  They are presented a Bible story, and do activities to reinforce the lesson.  We try to help our kids build relationships with each other by allowing free play and enjoying a snack. Each moth your child will be given a memory verse that corresponds with the theme and basic truth of the month.  All of these things are designed to be a fun experience for their age while exploring the truth of God's love.

Our children's ministry utilizes the Orange curriculum. Orange combines the two main influences in a child's spiritual life -- parents and church -- to work cooperatively in the discipleship of children.  Children's ministry leaders spend only 1-3 hours per week with the children they serve.  Parents, however, spend several hours each day with their children!  That's why Orange strives to keep parents informed about the lessons learned on Sunday mornings.  Orange believes that when parents are 1) aware of the big ideas being taught on Sunday mornings and 2) given the tools they need to help them reinforce those ideas with their children during the week, the effectiveness of the programming will increase exponentially!  Leaders and parents love Orange, but that's not all!  

Kids love Orange too!  Orange is packed full of super fun music, games, crafts, and other activities that reinforce the big ideas of the lessons!  Kids learn by singing, creating, playing, and more!  They have a blast and go home with the big idea in their heads and in their hearts!  Still have questions?  Contact our Children's Ministry Director, Amy Prichard.  She would love to talk to you about the awesome ministry happening here at Trinity UMC!

Family Fun Nights

Periodically throughout the year, we will organize Family Fun Nights so that families can have a free opportunity to get out of the house and interact with each other.  Some of the things we have done in the past are movie nights, drive-in movie in the church parking lot, canvas night - where we painted pictures to go along with our art themed VBS, giant board games, and more.  When these events are planned they will be announced at church and published in the bulletin.  Keep you eye out for our next fun event for your family.

Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is held each summer for a week of fun and learning.  This week is planned for children as young as three and extends to 5th graders.  Youth and adult volunteers bring about an action packed experience.  Each day is filled with stories, crafts, music, recreation, and snacks.  Past themes for VBS have been a port city in Greece, a baseball stadium, a science lab, and an art studio.  Whatever the theme, children can be assured that they will have a great time learning biblical truth.


Trinity loves the community it is in, and wants to provide a fun and safe evening in October for families.  Members of our church bring their cars, get into costume, and pass out candy from their decorated trunks to all of the costumed children who venture out.  In addition to candy, we also provide free hotdogs, popcorn, hot chocolate, and other treats.  We also have games, prizes, and an animal petting area.  This is one way we love to give to our neighbors and enjoy the company of good friends.

Christmas Program

Children, from 3 - 5th grade, present a program portraying the story of the nativity during the 10:15 worship service the Sunday prior to Christmas.  This program is prepared and practiced on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings during Advent. This is a long standing tradition that has seen generations of students perform for their families.  The youth, adult choir, and hand bell choir also join in on this program, exclaiming the birth of Jesus.  It is a wonderful time of celebration.