You might be wondering what you might experience when you come to our church on a Sunday morning.  We have parking in the lot next to the church, in the lot across Crawford and Cherry St, and all along the curbs.  Feel free to wear what you feel comfortable in.  You will see people in jeans and other people in suits.  You will be greeted by warm and friendly faces.  You will probably recognize some people you know from around town.  As you look around and experience our Sunday morning worship, you will notice both traditional and contemporary influences in our worship style and environments.  Grab a cup of coffee, say hi to someone you know, and if you have any questions, you can ask any of the greeters, ushers, or people sitting around.  Below you can find more information about how we do things and special services we have.

Preaching at Trinity

Pastor Kurt and Pastor Josh carry the preaching responsibilities at Trinity.  Our pastors love searching the scriptures, hearing from God, crafting a sermon, and sharing it with the church.  The whole process is part of what they love.  You can expect a message that you can apply to your life.  We believe that God sees where we are in life, and speaks to us in that spot.  If you are hoping for biblically based, authentic, relevant preaching, that is our goal every week.

Music at Trinity

Music is a huge influence in the culture of our church.  On any given Sunday you will have a variety of musical expressions that contribute to our worship experience.  Our praise team plays a variety of music ranging from sacred hymns to the most current songs you can hear on the radio.  Our youth praise band has a little more of a Rock sound when they lead worship periodically through the year.  On the more traditional end of things, Trinity has a great choir and handbell choir.  On top of all of this, we often have special music arrangements from singers and instrumentalists in the church.  If you appreciate music and want a place to use your talents, there are many groups and opportunities for you to get plugged in.

For the kids

Our Sunday morning programing for your children is a fun and interactive experience.  We offer Sunday school classes at 9:00 and children's church at 10:15.  You can find more information about our nursery, preschool class and worship, and children's class and children's church here.  All of our children's volunteers are highly qualified to work with your children and are annually trained on our child protection policy, which we enforce faithfully.  It is our desire that your children have as great an experience as we can give them and that we can partner with parents in the discipleship of their children.

Celebration sunday

This is one of the most exciting weeks of the year.  Every May, we reserve one Sunday morning service to go over the top with fun.  There are so many things that God does in our lives all the time, that is why we make it a priority to come together for no reason other than celebration.  At this service we will recognize people who have made milestone accomplishments in their lives.  We celebrate high school and college graduates, confirmation students, we have baptisms, new members, and more.  You can always count on cookies and punch afterward as well.  This is the week we make a big deal for the things that are worth making a big deal about.

Youth Sundays

Every time there is a fifth Sunday in a month, the youth take over that service.  Four or five times a year the youth band will lead the singing with Pastor Josh or one of the students giving the sermon.  These are important weeks for the church.  Not only do they inject a little energy into the church service, but the church always walks away blessed from the dynamic young people who are sharing their faith.  

Here at Trinity we value the contribution of all people to our church family.  We give teens the opportunity to lead from the front, not just as a training for the future, but because they have something to contribute today.  These are not young people playing church, these are people who understand the grace they received from God and can not help but speak of the good things He has done.

Family Experience

A couple times a year we have a special Sunday morning service we call the Family Experience.  These Sundays are designed to be an interactive worship experience for the entire family to share together.  These worship experiences provide biblical truth and an applicable message in a fun and create service.  Everything is kicked off with upbeat music, followed by skits, congregation interaction, a dramatized presentation of the Bible story  or virtue, and a brief message to bring everything together.  

The reason we go through so much work to put all of this together is because we want to foster a shared experience with God and His Word with families.  If we can put on a worship service like this, we can give families something to talk about that week.  This is a way of giving parents an opportunity lead spiritual discussions with their kids.  

This is not just the kind of service that parents with young children will want to attend.  This is a can't miss service for everybody.  We have had people from every walk of life express how much they appreciate these services.  Next time we announce a Family Experience, make sure to be here!