Opportunities to go

We believe that missions is not just something you support financially, but something to be experienced. There is something profoundly inspiring about giving your time and resources for serving other people. We go with the hope that we can make a difference in the lives of those we encounter, but every time, without fail, the greatest impact is seen in the life of the person who goes. So we invite you with us. Experience the transforming work of serving God. Below are our annual trips away from our home community. You can also check out our ministry partners page or contact the church office to see what service opportunities are available locally.


Currently, due to the conditions in Haiti, no trips are planned.  When the situation improves, we may work on a new trip, stay tuned.  Information on our work in Haiti si below:

Over the years we have sent dozens of people to Haiti through Mission Of Hope. This one is particularly special because Haiti is a place unlike anywhere else in America.  You will encounter kind and gracious people who are living in the most extreme poverty in our hemisphere.  We love Mission of Hope because they are doing an incredible work in this country within the cultural context of Haiti.  Their work is focused on mind, body, and heart.  

Mind - Mission of Hope runs several schools that are leading this country in graduation rates, and they are starting a trade school to further equip local people.  

Body - They run wellness clinics and send medical missionaries in the rural areas where there is no access to medical help.  On top of this, Mission of Hope feeds 90,000 Haitian people daily with the goal of one day using 100% Haitian grown food.  

Heart - The primary concern of this ministry is the spiritual care of the people.  

Mission teams have the opportunity to reach local people in many ways.  We choose to plant trees when we go on a trip for several reasons.  A fruit tree is a practical gift for people who are hungry.  People are eager to have you in their home, they are open to learning about who you are. and the tree proves to be a great vehicle for sharing the gospel message.  We have distributed hundreds of trees over the years, and with each we have shared the gospel, seeing dozens of people accept the Lord.

We invite you to consider joining us this year.  This invitation comes with a warning. You will experience a cultural shock.  It is likely that you will spend the entire week asking yourself "What am I looking at?"  You will also find this experience strangely compelling.  You will find joy in the simplicity, a level of compassion that you have not had before, and a changed perspective.  Information for our next trip will be posted soon.

Henderson Settlement

Each year, adults from Trinity UMC participate in a district mission trip to Henderson Settlement in southern Kentucky. Watch this page for information on upcoming trips.