run for god comes to trinity!

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Running can be a selfish sport, and the passion that comes from training, races, and achieving personal records can sometimes take precedence over what’s truly important: your family, friends, and faith.


Run for God Founder Mitchell Hollis began running in 2007 and quickly became hooked. By 2008, he had completed a marathon and was signing up for every race he could find, no matter the distance.


After a few years of this, Hollis realized that running had become an idol for him and that he was putting running before his faith. Hollis felt convicted and knew that he had two options: give up a sport that he loved or use running to further God’s kingdom.


The first thing he did was make t-shirts with a “funny-looking stick man” on them that read “Run for God.” Hollis began wearing these shirts whenever he ran. The shirt made people ask questions and presented opportunities for him to tell his story.


While sharing his story with others, Hollis discovered that there were a lot of people who were interested in running but didn’t know how to get started, so he created the Run for God 5K Challenge.


“For most people, running can be a daunting thought. In fact, many believe they can’t run a 5K, but this program is built to help anyone complete a 3.1 mile race,” says Hollis.


Run for God’s 5K challenge is a 12-week Bible study that guides participants allows them to combine faith and endurance training in a way that helps take people, even those who have never run, through their first 5K.


“We partner with local runners, like Kurt Tomlinson, with Trinity United Methodist Church, who want to help others learn how to complete their first 5K, understand more about the Bible, and really challenge themselves,” adds Hollis.


“I am very excited about leading this 5K Challenge,” says Tomlinson. “Remember, these classes are open to anyone who wants to run a 5K, even if you’ve never run in your life!”


Run for God’s 5K Challenge isn’t about runners getting together to train. This class welcomes all but is focused on teaching the fundamentals that will help new runners achieve their goal of running a 5K. The class will teach:


  • Running fundamentals and techniques.
  • The importance of a proper fit and style of running shoes that meet your bodys needs
  • How to successfully use interval training
  • Weekly Bible study topics
  • How to prepare to run your first 5K


“Plus, you’ll make life-long friendships and learn more about the Bible, yourself, and your classmates, says Instructor Tomlinson.


This class will be training to run in the Freedom 5K in Lima on the Fourth of July. 


Grab a friend and get registered for the Run for God 5K Challenge! Class registration is open and the first class will begin on Tuesday, April 3 at 7:00 pm at The Trinity United Methodist Church. The fee for the class is $22.


You can register for the 5K Challenge at or find the challenge on Facebook by searching Run for God, Van Wert, OH.

Welcome to Trinity

Hello, we are so glad you found our website.  As you look around, you will notice that the website is organized into two main areas aside from our general information: groups that meet, and all the ways we give and serve.  We chose these categories because they define us pretty well.  We love getting together, sharing life together, learning together, and eating together. We are a community of believers who are there for each other, and we would love it if you would like to make this your church home as well.  We also believe that we do not exist for our own purposes.  We live to serve God and the people He loves.  In our "On Mission" section, you can learn about all the missionaries and organizations we support and mission trips we go on every year.  If you find any of this interesting or confusing, feel free to reach out to us, we would love to get to know you.  Check out the greeting from Pastor Kurt below.

Greetings from Pastor Kurt

Thank you so much for finding Trinity United Methodist Church on the web, we are excited you have connected with us.  Trinity is an amazing church with a strong history in Van Wert of sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ .  

We are a church with a strong, active presence in missions, here in Van Wert, 
around our nation and around the world.  

We worship each week at 8:15 and 10:15, where we experience God in a relaxed, more contemporary manner and we learn from the Bible each week with relevant, God-focused messages to inform your life and transform the world

by the power of God's Holy Spirit.

If you are searching for a church home, I am sure you will find a place at Trinity United Methodist.  Please come and visit, and we'll do our best to make you feel welcome. 


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