Youth @ Trinity

The Youth ministry at Trinity is called The Uprising.  We feel like our purpose in life is that God raises us up to go out and serve other people.  This is the culture of our group, but we also recognize that each of us plays a different part in this effort.  We will welcome you to join us, explore what God is calling us to, what He is calling you to, and have a great time doing it.  You can find out more about us below.

Youth Group

Every Wednesday night at 7:00 we get together for youth group.  We have some game tables, snacks, and drinks if you want to get here early.  We spend the first part of our time worshiping with our youth band, we pray together, and then Pastor Josh, or a guest speaker, will share a message from the Bible.  These messages are meant to be challenging and useful for a teenager, giving each student the faith training they need to get through the week and prepare them for the future.  We discuss relationships, living the Christian life, how to study the Bible, what the Bible says  about ___________, and so much more.  

What we do every week is so much more that these activities.  We are building amazing relationships in a safe environment.  All people are welcomed, all people are encouraged to participate, and you have the chance to encounter a loving God within a group of people who are willing to love you too.


Music is a huge part of who we are.  Our youth band is lead by Nicki, Pastor Josh's wife, and otherwise made up entirely of teenagers.  In our church, our youth band is something we are very proud of.  They not only lead worship in youth group, they have also played in the main service on Sunday morning, they have payed at other churches, the high school talent show, the Marsh Foundation, and a pastor's Christmas banquet.  The people in our band work hard, and it shows.

What is really amazing is that many of the students who are in the band have learned their instruments since joining the band.  You do not need to know how to play, you just have to want to learn.  We have some talented adults who are willing to work with you, and before you know it you will be the next drummer, singer, guitarist in the band.


One of the things that really gets us excited is serving people.  We do this locally and once a year we go on a trip to a place we have not been before.  These trips allow us to see new parts of country, learn about their culture, learn about their needs, and help to make people's lives better.  Our past trips have been to Arkansas, inter-city Flint, Vermont, and Haiti.  All together, over the past five years, we have touched 20 different states.  This year we will be going to the rural community of Clarksville Georgia.  If this is something you are interesting in joining us for, you can find more information here, or see Pastor Josh for more information.


One of the highlights of our year is going on our Winter Retreat to Spring Hill Camp in Evart, Michigan.  This is an amazing experience where we go away for the weekend, get to know the people in our group, have a lot of fun, and have an incredible experience with God.  This camp is known for their amazing speakers and bands that have a way of speaking directly to your life.  This is an impactful spiritual experience for all who participate.  

On top of the spiritual experience, this camp offers so many activities that take advantage of the winter weather.  You can go tubing, on the zip line, painkilling, horseback riding, cross country skiing, swimming in the indoor pool, play basketball in the gym, and play in the broomball tournament.  There is something for everyone, even unlimited coffee and hot chocolate.


Throughout the year we have different events just for fun.  Whenever a concert comes through that we want to go to, we will get a group together.  We have gone to Newsboys, Winterjam, NEEDTOBREATHE, and we have even had a couple small concerts at the church.  Most holidays we will have a party at the church with food and games.  New Years is our biggest party where we do any number of things including bowling, laser tag, ice skating, and more.  One of our favorite events is called you-buy-it-we-fry-it.  It is just as it sounds.  You can bring whatever you want, we will put it in batter and fry it in oil.  Sounds simple, but there are few better ways to spend a summer night.